Thursday, January 30, 2014

Canda and Nick's recap

Here is the recap from Canda and Nick's wedding.  They were a super couple to work with and we got some really great footage.  It took place at the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium.  What a great place to shoot. I'm just glad the fish and creatures cooperated.

It's been awhile.

Looking at our blog I noticed that it has really been quite a while since our last post.  This is not on purpose, but unfortunately a casualty of the busy lives that people live.  (My son turns 4 this Friday.)  We have been busy working on a variety of projects, including our first trip to Las Vegas this winter.  If I have a New Year's resolution, which in case you are wondering, I don't ever make.  It will be too make an effort to get us much of our work up as possible and share with you what we do.  Our job, our purpose, is to make you look good and remember what a special and important day your wedding was.  Cheers to the new year and hope it rocks.